3D Printing

Welcome to H.A.A.M.

Enjoy the latest advances in fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printing that we are spearheading here in Hamilton, Ontario.

H.A.A.M. offers an extensive list of 3D print services from the basic STL printout to production quantity products; from ABS & PLA to copper, bronze, brass, wood, bamboo, T-GLASE, Ninjaflex, PET, n-gen & carbon fiber; and from simple output to post processing support.

H.A.A.M. – your source for the best in 3D printing.

Commercial 3D Print Services

  • Big Parts
  • Tall (24″) Parts
  • Prototype Parts
  • Production Parts
  • Every Part


  • Multi-3D FDM printer machines